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TPPPA Member Testimonials

We have been in the payments processing space for over 20 years. The TPPPA is by far the best trade association for payment processors, merchant services, and banks working in the payments space. The legal, regulatory, and compliance information we get from the TPPPA is superior to any other channel. The TPPPA engages directly with payment network operators, regulators, and legislators to keep the membership informed and up to date on current and potential changes to the payments ecosystem. But, the TPPPA goes beyond that, they advocate for the payments industry, supporting regulatory or legislative initiatives that improve the payment system, and counseling against those initiatives that create an undue burden on payments stake holders, or that do not advance consumer protection.

Ryan McCurry, President

As a banker that as several third party payment processors as customers, the knowledge they have gained through TPPPA has been extremely valuable to their continued success and compliance with all laws.  A TPPPA certification is a must have in my opinion.

Michael Bilski, Chief Executive Officer
North American Banking Company

Our membership with the TPPPA has brought tremendous value to our company. The Monthly Member Meetings are a great resource for industry trends and regulatory news. The one-on-one attention we have received from Marsha has allowed us to strengthen our compliance program. Her knowledge of policies and best practices helped tailor the program to our specific operations and industry risks.

Jennifer Moore, Compliance Support

Regulatory Compliance is a challenge in the best of situations.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially if your business has limited resources to dedicate to addressing risk assessment.  The TPPPA offered me clear guidance with common sense language to understand my responsibilities and ongoing support to help my team build an outstanding program.  I remember very clearly sitting in one of the early conferences focusing on building a Risk Assessment and having an “ah- ha” moment.  Up to that point, I found the concept of building a risk assessment to be intimidating and cumbersome, but the TPPPA broke the process down into basic concepts and helped get me started.  Once I had the structure in place, the pieces fell together easily. 

It's not just resource materials and education that the TPPPA has provided.  They also offer advocacy and support to make the industry aware of concerns just bubbling on the horizon.  They have helped steer dialogues and craft responses that have added clarity to complex situations.  They go beyond the headlines and soundbites to focus on facts, pulling together concrete real world examples that help cut through political biases in a compelling way.  They are committed to helping the payments industry thrive in a world where regulatory guidance is muddy at best and contradictory at worst.

The annual TPPPA conferences are also especially worthwhile.  These gatherings offer not only a chance to hear first hand information from an assortment of subject matter experts, but to network with others in our industry and share winning approaches with each other.  When we succeed as individuals and share our success with others, we succeed as an industry.  I’m grateful to the TPPPA for providing these services and for their commitment to excellence.

Aaron Snow, Director of Risk
Stax By Fattmerchant