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TPPPA Membership Benefits

The TPPPA advocates on behalf of its members with state and federal law makers, regulators and rule makers. We have established excellent working relationships with federal regulatory agencies and maintain ongoing and constructive dialog. We also meet throughout the year with key Congressional Committee Staff, keeping the Members informed of the issues and challenges facing the TPPPA Membership and act as a resource to Committee staff to support their understanding of the payments industry.

The TPPPA advocates for the payments industry as a whole through industry engagement and responding to requests for comment from state and federal regulatory agencies, the Federal Reserve Bank and the payment systems rule making bodies.

We encourage our members to participate in the advocacy efforts through guided visits to Capitol Hill, state governments and participating in responding to requests for comment.

The TPPPA has created and promotes industry best practices in third-party payment processing through the creation and maintenance of its Compliance Management System (CMS). These best practices are regularly shared with regulators, rule makers and lawmakers in an effort to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of self-regulation. As more and more members adopt the TPPPA CMS and become CMS Certified, the influence of the TPPPA as an industry leader in self-regulation grows.

The TPPPA also maintains strong working relationships with other industry associations that represent banks and payment processors as well as the merchants for which our members process payments. These alliances with industry leaders further promote the power of compliance management and self-regulation.

The TPPPA monitors emerging industries and legislative and regulatory initiatives, such as rulemaking, money transmitter licensing and cannabis to provide guidance and support to its members in creating and maintaining compliant payment processing programs.

The TPPPA provides a variety of benefits to support its members in creating and maintaining compliant programs. Benefits include:

  • Access to the Compliance Management System (CMS) – TPPPA best practices, which is a control framework that we have designed and vetted with the regulators including FDIC, OCC, FRB, FTC, CFPB and FinCEN. We keep the controls up-to-date and support our members in implementing the controls into their unique environment.
  • Access to Compliance Management Tools – including Model Program Policies, risk assessment and internal control testing templates, due diligence checklists and more.
  • Free Compliance Support - Access to accredited payments professionals by phone and email.
  • Free Compliance Webinar Training - We never charge our members for training and we do a lot of it. For example, we do an annual NACHA Rules update and allow our members to invite their customers to participate. We offer CMS design and certification training, which delves into the expectations and documentation requirements of the CMS Control Framework. We also offer numerous courses in Consumer Protection and other compliance obligations consistent with the responsibilities and regulatory expectations of the members.
  • Monthly Member Meetings via GotoWebinar - This is one of the most valuable parts of membership. The CMS expects that TPPPA members stay current on events that impact their compliance risk. The meetings are designed to inform the members of changes in the external environment that could impact the members’ risk assessment and associated internal controls.
  • Affiliate Programs - We have several affiliate partners that provide special pricing to TPPPA members. Voting members generally receive even greater discounts with some of these partners.

Member Discounted Pricing to conferences and for audit and consulting services. Most everything else you get for FREE as a member.

TPPPA Membership and Benefits


Voting Member Non-Voting Member Affiliate
Payment Processors**
Financial Institutions**
Vendors and Service Providers*


Voting Member Non-Voting Member Affiliate
Board Member (7 payment processors)Payment Processors
Board Advisory Member (3 FIs and 1 Affiliate or Merchant)Financial InstitutionsOne Affiliate Member or Non-Voting Merchant MemberOne Affiliate Member or Non-Voting Merchant Member
Committee Leadership*
Committee Participation***
Monthly Member Meeting***
Voting Rights*
Rules & Regulation Response Input***


Voting Member Non-Voting Member Affiliate
Members’ Only Website Access***
Member Communications and Guidance***
Free Compliance Support via phone or email***
Compliance Webinars***
Access to Compliance Management System/Tools**
Annual CMS AuditFreeAdditional Fee
Compliance Consulting and CMS Gap Analysis (based upon estimated hours)Additional Charge at Discount RateAdditional Charge Standard Rate
Online Demo sponsored by TPPPA*
Participate in Webinar as Subject Matter Expertise*
Company Logo and Description on Website*
Payment Processors**

Annual Dues

Voting Member Non-Voting Member Affiliate
Membership Dues$15,000$5,000$5,000

Who Are Our Members?

Payment Processors

  • ACH
  • Remotely Created Checks
  • Third-Party Check Cashing
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Cards
  • Payroll Processors
  • Money Transmitters

Financial Institutions
Vendors and Service Providers

Third Party Payment Processors Association