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Introduced Legislation:

Massachusetts – H.4840 - An Act Relative To The Regulation Of Money Transmission By The Division Of Banks

  • Last Timeline Action: Draft filed; Reported from House Committee on Ways and Means; Pending new draft of H. 1106 (07/09/24)
  • Bill Text
  • Bill Summary: This bill substitutes 1106, recommending that the same ought to pass with an amendment for the accompanying bill.


Ohio – S.B. 303 – Regulate earned wage access services

  • Last Timeline Action: Introduced (07/02/24)
  • Bill Text
  • Bill Summary: The bill mandates that companies offering EWA services must obtain a certificate of registration from the Division of Financial Institutions, ensuring compliance with specific operational standards and consumer protections. The registration process includes a nonrefundable investigation fee of $200 and an annual registration fee of $300, with additional fees applicable for background checks and other administrative requirements. The bill also stipulates that registered providers must maintain a net worth and assets of at least $50,000. The legislation introduces several consumer protection measures, such as requiring providers to offer at least one no-cost option for accessing wages, clearly disclose all fees, and allow consumers to cancel services without penalties. Providers are prohibited from sharing fees with employers, using credit reports to determine eligibility, accepting credit card payments for services, and reporting non-payment to credit agencies. Additionally, providers must reimburse consumers for any overdraft fees caused by incorrect or premature attempts to collect payments. The bill modifies existing law by repealing the current section 1321.21 and replacing it with provisions that direct all collected fees, charges, and penalties into the consumer finance fund. This fund will be used to cover the administrative costs of the Division of Financial Institutions, with a portion allocated to the financial literacy education fund. Stakeholders, including consumers, employers, and EWA service providers, will be impacted by these regulations. Consumers will benefit from enhanced transparency and protections, while providers will face new compliance requirements and potential fines for violations. Employers may need to adjust their payroll systems to accommodate the new EWA services. The bill sets forth specific timelines, including a 90-day period for applicants to provide additional information if requested and an annual renewal deadline of December 31 for registration certificates. The superintendent of financial institutions is granted authority to conduct investigations, issue fines, and enforce compliance through various legal means. The legislation clarifies that EWA services are not to be considered loans, money transmissions, or subject to other financial regulations, thereby distinguishing them from traditional credit services.



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Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri (Senate only), Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming

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