TPPPA Affiliate Membership Program

TPPPA Affiliate Partners are members of the TPPPA that offer solutions to support our processor and bank members' compliance with payments system rules, laws, regulations and compliance with the TPPPA Compliance Management System (CMS), our industry best practices.

Catalyst is an unrivaled government relations firm, providing a comprehensive array of services. In partnership with our clients, we create innovative and effective public policy and advocacy campaigns at every level of government. We are located in the heartland, with broad reach and extensive experience from coast to coast. Though our roots trace back to Missouri and Kansas, where we maintain a significant presence, our growing team has vast experience executing multi-state and federal government affairs strategies for our clients.

Our consumer financial services practice is purposely structured and staffed to reflect our clients’ legal reality: significant problems often manifest in multiple ways, including compliance, regulatory changes, governmental investigations, governmental litigation and private lawsuits. Our team of compliance, litigation, and enforcement attorneys work together in one multi-disciplinary practice to bring a holistic view of the problem drawing upon specialized knowledge, practical guidance and advice of multiple attorneys. This unique collaboration offers seamless legal services to effectively and efficiently resolve clients’ problems by addressing the many perspectives that may arise for a single legal issue before it turns into a larger problem, or that may lead to compliance solutions and regulatory strategies arising out of contentious litigation.

Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss is a full-service law firm representing and advising entrepreneurs, businesses, individuals, and families nationwide. With over 100 attorneys collectively delivering a wide spectrum of legal services and solutions, we understand the importance of taking a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach. Since 1968, Jaffe remains dedicated to an exceptional hands-on and responsive client experience. Our continued goal is to be a trusted advisor and partner in each client’s success.

For nearly 40 years MicroBilt has been helping business assess and manage risk. We believe that any successful company needs access to the right information to make the smartest decisions possible.

MicroBilt's Payment Solutions reduce returns and protect businesses from ACH fraud and is a Nacha approved Account Validation service and a TPPPA Preferred Vendor. MicroBilt reduces rates for TPPPA Members and contributes a portion of the proceeds to TPPPA for general expenses.

Our payment service products give convenient ways to collect revenue from customers while reducing the expenses associated with returned checks and helps preserve your bank relationships.

MicroBilt's Payment and ACH Risk Verification (ACH Scrub) products are used across industries including Online and Brick/Mortar Retailers and Lenders; Billers; Utilities; Collection Agencies; Grocery; Debt Buying Companies; Insurance and Leasing Companies; Alternative Finance Providers; and Financial Institutions.

Affirmative Technologies provides industry-leading ACH risk management, processing, and compliance solutions to financial institutions and third-party payment processors. Financial Institutions use ACH Risk Manager™ to capture, analyze, manage, and report on originations and returns with real-time alerts and monitoring. Payment Processors use ACH Processor™ to capture online, telephone, and in-person payments in a single, easy to use API enabled, branded system. Stay Compliant. Avoid Losses. Reduce Costs. Grow Revenue. For more information click on the link below:

Affirmative Technologies ACH Risk Manager 2020


Fi911 supports financial institutions with innovative back-office management technologies created specifically for the banking and payments industries. By offering direct communications between FIs and their ecosystems, the company’s scalable payment product suite offers features that range from fast, flexible merchant onboarding to highly transparent and feature rich client portals.

Fi911’s proprietary DisputeLab™ helps make resolving chargeback disputes faster and more efficient by optimizing each step in the dispute cycle. The company’s unified platform also provides threat detection, reconciliation, and risk management tools, as well as the ability to generate commissions and ISO pay-outs directly through the system.

Established by the dispute experts at Chargebacks911®, Fi911 offers global reach and expertise, as well as customized training and support from recognized industry leaders.

Longitude Partners helps fintech, payments and specialty finance firms find extraordinary leadership talent and develop high performance teams who deliver exceptional performance in operating results and shareholder value. We work closely with you to find the right top-graded talent in analytics, risk management, legal, compliance, finance, operations, technology, engineering and across the C-suite and executive management.

Our process is confidential, personal, efficient, and highly effective, reliably delivering exceptional leaders with the experience you’re looking for and the skills to rapidly accelerate sustainable growth. Click on our logo above to see our work, some of America’s most well-known fintech/finserv firms, and let us know how we can best help you.

Baker Tilly was founded in 1931 with one central objective: use our industry specialization to help our clients improve their businesses. That objective still holds true today. Our combination of financial, business and industry-specific specialization ensures you will be working with knowledgeable professionals who understand your organization and the challenges you face — and can create innovative solutions to help you overcome them.

For more than 85 years, Baker Tilly has understood that our business demands absolute integrity, a belief in the value of trusted relationships and a willingness to collaborate with every client. With more than 40,000 clients and 3,800 associates, Baker Tilly is the firm to grow with. We are one of the top 15 largest accounting and advisory firms in the United States according to Accounting Today’s 2018 list of “Top 100 Firms.” Our growth means new geographies, new services, new influence and greater opportunity to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

VSoft is a leading global provider of innovatory banking and payments solutions to financial institutions of all sizes. The company’s original organizers founded VSoft in 1996 in Atlanta, Ga., and remain in leadership today. VSoft has enjoyed significant growth in recent years, currently serving more than 1,000 clients on multiple continents. The company attributes its success to its outstanding associates located in the Americas and India, who have developed, implemented, and supported state-of-the-art solutions for its customers.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Hypur provides technology that helps financial institutions serve highly regulated and cash-intensive industries by filling the gaps between traditional banking systems and the unique regulatory demands of these businesses. Hypur also offers electronic payment solutions for industries without access to traditional payment systems or when traditional payments are not a good fit. For more information, please visit

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