As a new member with BofI Federal Bank, with the industry, and with the Association, I am discovering that the Third Party Payment Processors Association (TPPPA) is a valuable resource for knowledge, guidance, and best practices direction. I believe that the organization seeks to ensure the success of its members and their institutions.
As a member, we are impressed with the formation and progress of the Third Party Payment Processors Association (TPPPA), a highly motivated group that are working together to make a difference in the ACH and eCheck processing industry. We encourage processors, billers and financial institutions to take part in this group and experience the power when like-minded organizations join forces to make changes.
We have found the TPPPA to be the most valuable association relationship we maintain. Responses to inquiries are fast and knowledgeable, and unlike other associations, the TPPPA takes into account what is occurring on other payment channels, and in the regulatory/legal environment at large. We have also found the TPPPA to be more valuable as a resource for basic rule clarification, they are willing to provide opinions on rules based on the larger payments ecosystem, not just simply read from a rule book (like many associations do). We wholly endorse the Third Party Payment Processors Association.
Being a member of the TPPPA has been a very valuable relationship for us. Membership in the TPPPA has allowed us to consolidate and coordinate efforts to promote not only the interests of our organization, but also that of our customers. Through its combined knowledge and experience, it will make a difference and strengthen the entire payments network. There is strength in numbers and I believe that the TPPPA will contribute significantly to the future of this industry. Marsha's knowledge, professionalism and guidance is extremely valuable. Her ability to stay on the pulse of the regulatory world and its impact on the association's members is impressive.